Monthly Assignment Challenge - April

By Paula Silva

In the “Monthly Assignment Challenge” of February Daniel Del Rio remember “Lambrusco” the wine typically drunk in his town, and which moderate consume was recommended for his father to “get smarter”. In March, Chris Gill remembered Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone della Valpolicella wines and compared their complexity, flavour and colour. In the people’s memory remains wines tasted previously and wines of their preferences. But, these could be reasons strong enough to buy wine? What can truly influence consumers’ decision of which wine to buy? Can label effectively be an influence on the consumers’ choice?

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Professional highlights in wine area

By Paula Silva
Today ended the “Mostra da Universidade do Porto” that is an annual exhibition where the University of Porto schools promote their educational offer. The most repeated question made by high school students was “What can I do with that degree?”. I always answer, “All that you want”. I really believe it! Someone with cognitive and hard work capacities, can do anything with the tools acquire during the course. Joining creativity and courage, then are congregated the conditions to a brilliant career. Of course, that a personal career also depends in the networks that each one can establish. Let me exemplify what I mean within wine work area. Find out more

Animal models of disease and their applications and utility in wine research area

By Paula Silva
Animal models are very useful in wine research area. To work with these animal models, it is necessary to have cognitive ability, heart and courage. A researcher with these personality traits knows that there is no place in science for ill-designed, poorly executed, and inadequately reported studies of any type. Consideration of the welfare of animals in biomedical research comprises the ethical responsibility of the scientific community. The concept of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement as guiding principles for humane in vivo research is the best strategy to address this responsibility. Find out more


My name is Paula Silva, I am an assistant professor in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS) of University of Porto (UPorto) and I decided to have this blog to share my love by Science & Wine Find out more