Pepper your wine with rotundone: yes, but until when?

By Olivier Geffroy
Rotundone is responsible for peppery aroma in wine that, above a certain concentration, is considered as a defect by some consumers. Viticulture and environmental features have a substantial impact on rotundone concentration in both grape berries and in finished wines. Cool and wet vintages promote the production of red wines with a higher rotundone concentration. Within a single vineyard, large spatial variability in rotundone associated with variation in the land underlying the vineyard and vine water status were reported. Patterns of this spatial variation are temporally stable from year to year. Find out more

Scientific impressions about the influence of alternative winemaking on wine chemical and sensory features

By Maurício Castilhos
Wine technology involves great numbers of chemical reactions during the two fermentative steps: alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation. Grape pre-drying and submerged cap are examples of techniques applied by Brazilian wineries to study the reactions involving changes in wine polyphenols, which improve wine sensory quality. This post explains pre-dehydration and submerged cap techniques and explore their effects on the chemical and sensory profiles of the wines. Find out more

wine summit: An open letter to Paddy Cosgrave

By Paula Silva
This is open letter to Paddy Cosgrave to thank him for the idea of wine summit. Science & Wine is a project of science communication regarding wine. This project started with the “Science & Wine: From the terroir to the glass” a one-day conference that occurred in Porto in 2017. Inspired in the conference success Science & Wine blog was born in 22 of January of 2018. Next year will start the Wine Science Cafés, which will be a great opportunity to engage in a two-way communication, where scientists can share new evidences, techniques, and applications but also will be aware of public expectations and concerns. In 2019 It will also the 1st Science & Wine World Congress will take place 8-10 May 2019 in Alfândega Congress Centre in Porto. It is my obligation, as researcher to communicate science and extension service is one of my major responsibilities. Find out more


My name is Paula Silva and I decided to accept this challenge of being the responsible editor of this blog because I believe that science must be shared and because it is very important to update public with information’s based in scientific evidences. My purpose is to serve people who wants to know more about wine by fostering networking, education, discussion, and exchange. I hope that this blog can be a resource on current and emerging issues in wine research area. Find out more