5th Science & Wine Cafe, Portologia, Lisboa, 30 May 2019

The influence of microbiome in the differentiation of vineyard terroir.

Margarida Baleiras-Couto (National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research)

Margarida Baleiras-Couto graduated at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon and obtained her PhD in the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands on the development of genetic markers for spoilage yeast identification. After her PhD she worked as consultant for the food industry and lectured as invited Professor. She had 2 post-doctoral grants at INIA and University of Minho. Worked at the Portuguese Environmental Agency and in the National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research (INIAV,IP) as Coordinator of the viticulture and oenology Experiment Station for 8 years. Currently she is Senior Researcher in the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Resources at INIAV. Areas of research include yeast population dynamics in fermentation studies, microbiological monitoring and traceability in wines and wine cellars, genetic identification of Vitis vinifera L. varieties and detection of grape varieties in wines. She is member of the M&B Microbiology and Biotechnology Group of the BioISI – Biosystems & Integrative Sciences Institute, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisboa.

Jaime Quelhas (Casa Santos Lima)

Jaime Quelhas has a degree in Agro-food Enginery by Escola Superior Agrária de Santarém (2002 -2007) and a master’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology by Instituto Superior de Agronomia (2008-2010). Works in Casa Santos Lima since 2007 and in 2012 assumed the responsibility of Quinta dos Porrais, a Douro propriety acquired by Casa Santos Lima.