Wine Science Cafés

Wine Science Cafés will start in January 2019. Wine Science Cafés will be organized in the last Thursday of each month and will take place in casual settings such as wine houses, restaurants, wine cellars and coffeehouses. Open to everyone aimed to promote a conversation with a scientist about Science & Wine. Wine Science Cafés start in Porto but can happen in all cities inside and outside Portugal. For this first event the star will be Port Wine.

Wine Science Cafés welcome all people who wants to know more about wine. In these events an informal atmosphere will be created and all participants feel encouraged to participate. Dynamic, two-way interactions between a scientist and the public will be promoted.

Wine Science Cafés belongs to Cafe Scientifique European family.


First Wine Sciences Cafés speakers will be Bento Amaral (IVDP) and Victor Freitas (FCUP). They will leader the tertulia in Portologia at 24 of January. The topic will be "The chemistry of Port Wine".

Wine Science Cafés will be in Casa de Pasto Chaxoila in 28 February 2019.


Wine Science Cafés will be in Espaço Porto Cruz in 28 March 2019.


If you have a space that can host Wine Science Cafés please fill the form.



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