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At the beginning of each year, it is common for most people to make plans and establish year goals. I like to look back and make a balance of the year. Regarding Science & Wine, 2022 was a great year. We published 52 posts, with the collaboration of 85 researchers from 30 universities and 15 countries. Thanks much to all that support this project.

Tanque by Science & Wine also had a good year. Tanque won the second place in “Tomate Coração de Boi do Douro” contest. Despite Tanque jams being the preference of many families, it was not yet possible to start our sustainable agricultural project. We hope that in 2023 we can begin with this amazing project.

I want to thank our all support, especially the ones that are family Grafislab, Quinta Maria Isabel, Quevedo, Vienol and Wines & Winemakers. Without you, nothing of this could be possible.

Looking for the future 2023 will be marked by the 3rd World Science & Wine Congress under the topic “Sustainability of wine production and food systems in the Mediterranean region”. The Congress will take place in Porto/ Douro Region from 14 – 16 June 2023. You can submit the abstract and make the registration at: https://www.science-and-wine-conferences.com/

Science & Wine wishes you all a Happy 2023.

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