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By Enzo Perri

At present the olive oil industry produces large amounts of secondary products once considered waste or by-products. Very recently, we presented, for the first time, a new interesting olive by-product named “dried destoned virgin olive pomace” (DDVOP), produced by the pomace oil industry. The production of DDVOP was possible thanks to the use of a new system that differs from the traditional ones for having the dryer set at lower temperature value, 350 °C, instead of 550 °C, and for avoiding the solvent extraction phase. In order to evaluate if DDVOP may be suitable as a new innovative feeding integrator for animal feed, its chemical characteristics were investigated. Results demonstrated that DDVOP is a good source of raw protein and precious fiber; rich in phenols (6156 mg/kg o total phenols), oleic (72.29 %) and linoleic (8.37 %) acids. A feeding trial was, therefore, carried out on sheep with the scope of investigating the influence of the diet on the quality of milks obtained from sheep fed with DDVOP-enriched feed. Milks resulted enriched in polyunsaturated (0.21%) and unsaturated (2.42%) fatty acids; increased in phenols (10.35 mg/kg) and tocopherols (1.03 mg/kg).

Figure 1. Simplified olive pomace flow sheet: left) traditional flow; right) innovative flow leading to the dried destoned virgin olive pomace (DDVOP) production (Perri et al., 2021).
Table 1. Dried destoned virgin olive pomace (DDVOP) chemical characteristics. The data represent the mean values of tree replications with their relative standard deviation (RSD). Values are expressed as percentage of dry matter (g/100g DM). Phenols are expressed as mg/Kg (Perri et al., 2021).
Table 2. Effect of dried destoned virgin olive pomace (DDVOP) on chemical characteristic of sheep milk. The values (mean ± SD) are expressed as percentage for acid composition and mg/kg for phenols and tochopherols. M1= milk from sheep fed unaltered feed; M2= milk from sheep fed feed enriched with DDVOP; PUFA= Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids; SFA= Saturated Fatty Acids; UFA = Unsaturated Fatty Acids. Different letter indicates statistical differences per P< 0.05 (Perri et al., 2021).

Cinzia Benincasa, Massimiliano Pellegrino, Lucia Veltri, Salvatore Claps, Carmelo Fallara and Enzo Perri*, 2021, Dried Destoned Virgin Olive Pomace: a Surprising and Promising New By-product from Pomace Extraction Process, Molecules, 2021, 26, 4337. https://doi.org/10.3390/molecules26144337.

Enzo Perri. Director of Research center for olive, citrus and fruit crops of Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (CREA).

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