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The balanced presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids and specific bioactive components of high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil (HP-EVOO) result in the presumed health benefit. Enrichment of its principal polyphenols is shown to be protective in oxidative damage and improves mitochondrial dysfunction.

The effect of different concentrations of HP-EVOO applications on mitochondrial functions and antioxidant defense status on human keratinocyte cells (HaCaT) under the H2O2 induced stress conditions was investigated by Nuray Yazihan and colleagues.

Data showed that extra virgin olive oil is beneficial on HaCat cell by improving cell viability with antioxidant capacity and by preserving mitochondrial gradients for ATP production with the increase in MMP, which is main function of mitochondria. The study results showed that hydroxytyrosol might have protective effects on apoptosis and DNA damage by mitigating the labile iron level in intracellular area but tyrosol did not have such an effect.

It was concluded that high-polyphenol EVOO had an important antioxidant capacity which helps HaCaT cells to maintain mitochondrial function against the H2O2damage. Protective effect of HP-EVOO was due to the maintenance of mitochondrial membrane potential continuity for ATP production. It was concluded that HP-EVOO had beneficial effect on skin health by decreasing oxidative stress and by providing higher MMP to maintain mitochondrial function of the keratinocytes in our study. The protective effects of different concentrations of HP-EVOO on keratinocyte cells are dose dependent and non-identical under the physiological or stress conditions.

See all at: Yazihan, N., Akdas, S., Olgar, Y., Biriken, D., Turan, B., & Ozkaya, M. (2020). Olive oil attenuates oxidative damage by improving mitochondrial functions in human keratinocytes. Journal of Functional Foods, 71, 104008. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jff.2020.104008

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