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By Paula Silva

We are delighted to announce the upcoming 3rd Science & Wine World Congress, which will take place from June 14th to 16th in the beautiful city of Porto and in the Douro Region. This year, the Congress will focus on the theme “Sustainability of Wine Production and Food Systems in the Mediterranean Region” exploring the vital connection between sustainable practices, wine production, and food systems in this diverse and culturally rich area.

At the heart of this Congress lies the understanding that the sustainability of wine production and food systems is of paramount importance in today’s world. As we face global challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation, and the need for healthier food choices, it becomes crucial to address these issues within the context of the Mediterranean region, which has a long-standing history and tradition in both wine production and culinary practices.

To delve into this overarching theme, we have identified four key subtopics that will be explored throughout the Congress:

  • Sustainable Viticulture & Winemaking Practices: This subtopic focuses on innovative and sustainable approaches to viticulture and winemaking, encompassing topics such as organic and biodynamic farming, soil conservation, water management, biodiversity preservation, and the use of renewable energy in wine production.
  • Sustainable Food Systems & the Mediterranean Diet: Here, the focus will be on the promotion of sustainable food systems within the context of the Mediterranean diet. This includes discussions on local and seasonal food production, reducing food waste, promoting traditional and healthy eating habits, and ensuring access to nutritious and sustainable food for all.
  • Sustainable Wine Tourism & Mediterranean Gastronomy: Wine tourism plays a significant role in promoting sustainable practices in the Mediterranean region. This subtopic will explore the intersection between wine tourism, local gastronomy, and sustainable development. It will address aspects such as cultural heritage preservation, responsible tourism practices, culinary traditions, and the economic and social benefits of sustainable wine tourism.
  • Sustainable Mediterranean diet: the interaction between the food industry and tourism, nutrition, health, and the environment: This subtopic examines the multifaceted relationship between the food industry, tourism, nutrition, health, and the environment within the Mediterranean context. It will explore how these various elements interact and influence each other, and the potential for creating synergies to enhance sustainability in the region.

The philosophy of the Science & Wine World Congress has always been to bring together researchers and professionals from the wine industry to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. However, in today’s world, it is no longer enough to simply showcase good intentions. We must take action. The Congress offers a unique platform for researchers, experts, and stakeholders to not only share their knowledge and insights but also to collaborate on practical solutions and initiatives that drive sustainable change in the wine production and food systems of the Mediterranean region.

We are excited to share that the 3rd Science & Wine World Congress will feature renowned guest speakers of exceptional prestige, including Dominique Delmas, Régis D. Gougeon, Riccardo Valentini, and Sumantra Ray. These distinguished experts will contribute their profound insights and expertise to the Congress, enriching the discussions and enhancing our collective understanding of sustainable wine production and food systems in the Mediterranean region.

On the final day of the Congress, June 16th, we have a special treat for all attendees. We will be relocating to Quinta do Ventozelo, a picturesque estate where you can immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes. While relishing a delightful meal, we will have the privilege of listening to Bento Amaral as he presents the Humanwinety project. This initiative represents the realization of an idea that aims to foster the inclusion of individuals who, for various reasons, have faced vulnerabilities that affected their education or career opportunities.

Quinta de Ventozelo

The Humanwinety project seeks to provide support and empowerment to those who have experienced difficulties in their educational journey or faced challenges during critical periods of employability. By fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities, the project endeavors to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals who have faced adversity.

Bento Amaral

This unique and inspiring project aligns perfectly with the values of the Science & Wine World Congress. It highlights the importance of considering social aspects alongside sustainability in the wine production and food systems of the Mediterranean region. Through the Congress, we aim to encourage dialogue and collaboration that can drive real change and create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

We encourage researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, including viticulture, oenology, agronomy, food science, tourism, and sustainability, to submit abstracts that align with the Congress’s theme and subtopics. This is your opportunity to contribute to the collective effort in creating a more sustainable future for the Mediterranean region and beyond.

The submission deadline for abstracts is fast approaching, so make sure to submit your work by the specified date. Together, let us transform ideas into action and make a lasting impact on the sustainability of wine production and food systems in the Mediterranean region.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 3rd Science & Wine World Congress in Porto/Douro!

For more information and abstract submission guidelines, please visit our website: https://www.science-and-wine-conferences.com/

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