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By Paula Silva

Yesterday, Science & Wine celebrate one month of existence, and I must share my happiness with all of you. I am not a professional blogger and my intention is to share understandable scientific information about wine with really interested people, i.e., those who can follow the link or spend a couple of hours trying to learn something they don’t know. When I started my only expectation was that my blog could be seen by others as an original and intelligent way of dissemination. I have a long way to run, but I am very motivated with this start. I had already had the contributions of well-known researchers, namely Daniel Del Rio, Kim Anderson, Fulvio Mattivi and Giovanni de Gaetano. The blog had almost 3000 views distributed in 59 countries, THANK YOU! In this day I decided to see what researchers are doing in wine research area. According with a search performed in Web of Science Core Collection, with “wine” as the field tag used, in last month 42 papers were published. The word cloud show keywords used by authors in the papers. Find here the list.

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