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Today I open the blog mailbox, and what surprise! Professor Kim Anderson wrote me! Yes, it is true! What an honour! What a professionalism! What a generosity!
Professor Kym Anderson is Professor of Economics, foundation Executive Director of the Wine Economics Research Centre, and formerly foundation Executive Director of the Centre for International Economic Studies at the University of Adelaide, where he has been affiliated since 1984.
The reason of his email was to share with me, and with all my readers, the latest “Annual Database of Global Wine Markets, 1835 to 2016” (2017). The Excel file can be downloaded in Annual Database of Global Wine Markets web page.
Data are summarized in two books the “Global wine markets, 1860 to 2016: a statistical compendium” and the “Wine Globalization. A New Comparative History”.
The first one is a free e-book shared also in University of Adelaide web page. The new compendium updates the authors’ 2011 e-book where 1961 up to 2009 period was covered, and provide comprehensive recent wine market statistics that are comparable across countries. The book also covers other beverages including beer, spirits and soft drink.
Wine Globalization. A New Comparative History” is a book edited by Professor Kim Anderson and Professor Vicente Pinilla, who asked to world’s leading wine economists and economic historians to analyse the development of national wine industries before and during the two waves of globalization. This book is very useful for all who want to know more about new technologies, policies, institutions, as well as exchange rate movements, international market developments, evolutions in grape varieties, and wine quality changes.
Both books will be launched at International Workshop in Adelaide on 6 February 2018. See program here.
Thank you so much Professor Kym Anderson, once more for your generosity, and for realizing that Science & Wine blog essence is “sharing knowledge”.

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