List of scientific journals which are pointed as being relevant for people who work with wine. My goal for this section is to bring different sources of data together in one place to give people a simple way to choose the most suitable journal for their work in this specific area. Find out more
Identification and characterization of highly-cited papers is an important issue in any research field. In this section, a monthly list of highly-cited papers will be given to help wine researchers not only to look for the best approaches and research methods applied by others but also to allow them to learn how to write better quality papers, which will most likely receive higher references.  Find out more
Keep updated information on conferences, seminars and workshops’ dates delivered by experts; provide an excellent opportunity for learning and to share your own results.  Find out more


My name is Paula Silva, I am an assistant professor in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS) of University of Porto (UPorto) and I decided to have this blog to share my love by Science & Wine Find out more