Science & Wine is a science communication project which was born in 22 of January of 2018. The main goal of this project are to alert for the importance of science communication in vine and wine research areas. This project includes a blog where are published posts, with a weekly periodicity (Sundays), about any issue related with vine and wine. Among topics that could be published are the impact of climate warming in viticulture, wine and human health, precision viticulture, wine metabolome, wine microbiology, wine tasting, terroir, and wine technology. Science & Wine aims to make wine scientific data more accessible, therefore is a blog open to non-specialists and to anyone interested in the various aspects of wine science. Science & Wine promote scientific congresses, conferences and workshops. In January of 2019 started Science & Wine Cafe, which are events where, for the price of a glass of wine, anyone can meet to discuss the latest ideas of science that are impacting wine sector. In 2020 we started to publish articles about Mediterranean Diet biweekly on Wednesdays. In future we would like to develop a project whic aims to creat a Mediterranea Diet observatory. You have very good reasons to follow us.

Photo @Quinta do Crasto