Institutional Partners

Publication of Abstracts

  • All abstracts for oral and poster presentation will be submitted to the Scientific Committee.
  • Only one abstract is accepted for one registered person.
  • All abstracts for oral or poster presentation have to be uploaded in a word and PDF files following the modalities available here.
  • Abstracts received without the formal modalities will not be studied. 
  • Please send your Abstract to Wine of Future with mention: - Abstract type: 'Oral' or 'Poster' submission.
  • Posters will be presented by authors during breaks.
  • Please print your poster with the following format: 1m height * 0.70m width.

Participants can choose to submit the papers to one of these two journals.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Selected, refereed papers from the 1st Science & Wine World Congress are planned to be published in a special issue of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Oral and poster presenters at the conference are invited to submit full manuscripts for consideration for inclusion in the special issue. All manuscripts will be subject to the normal process of peer review. The Journal considers publication of manuscripts reporting original research, or manuscripts that support or improve the unity of the overall theme, including reviews and perspectives. All manuscripts must undergo standard peer review procedures and must conform to journal guidelines. All authors must adhere to the deadlines set for submission and manuscript revision to be published as part of the group. Manuscripts that do not comply with the deadlines may be considered for publication individually.
An invitation containing special instructions for submission will be emailed to each submitting author by JAFC editorial staff. The email will include deadlines for submission. When submitting, authors mustSubmit the manuscript using the special link on their Paragon website, “Invited Manuscripts Awaiting Submission”. This link will be activated when they respond to the email invitation using the link provided in that email.Include a cover letter identifying the manuscript as part of the groupProvide the names and contact information of 4 potential reviewers.Manuscripts should be formatted for submission according to JAFC guidelines, which are available at the journal website.


The editorial office will keep the organizer appraised of the progress of submission; as the deadline approaches, the organizer will remind authors to get their manuscripts in. The organizer and the editor handling the manuscripts must approve any deadline extensions. Authors who do not observe the deadlines risk not having their manuscripts published as part of the group.


The Editor will handle the peer review of the manuscripts, or assign one or more associate editors to handle them. Letters of acknowledgement will be sent to the corresponding authors, and the manuscripts will be processed and sent for peer review in the standard fashion. Deadlines for submission of revised manuscripts, along with a Journal Publishing Agreement (copyright form) and other mandatory paperwork, will be strictly observed. Authors who miss the revision deadline risk not having their manuscripts published as part of the group.


As the manuscripts are accepted, they will be forwarded to the technical editors in Columbus for processing. Galley proofs will be sent to the authors as soon as they are ready. A footnote will be added to each manuscript indentifying it as part of the group. When proofs have been corrected, the manuscripts will be published to the web on the ASAP webpage. They will be publicly available at that time, and can be cited using the DOI, but there will be no page numbers. When all manuscripts in the group have been processed, they will be assigned page numbers and appear together under a suitable heading at the beginning of the table of contents for that issue, along with a cover banner for the printed version. Publicity drawing attention to the group will occur at that time.

Journal of Innovation Management

Selected, refereed papers from the 1st Science & Wine World Congress are planned to be published in a special issue of Journal of Innovation Management (

This journal encourages the submission of papers addressing the multidisciplinary nature of the innovation process combining principles and concepts originating from a myriad of scientific areas, from social sciences to technology research and development. The journal encompasses all phases of the process of technological innovation from conceptualization of a new technology-based product/service process through commercialization.

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