Short Curriculum vitae (CV)
Paula Silva: My teaching experience covers: Histology and Embryology (Human and Comparative), Cell Biology and Science Communication. I am a member of the  Board of Representatives Council of ICBAS. I did my PhD in Biomedical Sciences in UPorto.  I have 14 original articles published in journals indexed in the Science Citation Index, contribution in some I&DT projects, and numerous works in many National and International congresses. Currently, my main research topic is the influence of moderate consumption of wine on chronic diseases.

About this Blog

I believe that in one’s academic career, one of the most serious responsibilities is to communicate clearly with those who know little about one’s area of expertise. Extension service is a major responsibility for an academic who should use time and effort to be a link between a scientist and a non-scientist audience. With this blog, I aim to provide scientific and unbiased information about Science & Wine. I hope that this blog calls the attention of all people who work and/or like wine, namely: researchers who would like to know more about what others are doing in their specific research area; people who love veracity, wine and a story well told and want to read about the history of wine; farmers who want to know the effects of climatic changes on wine quality; wine tasters who want to read about the evolution of sensory evaluation; wine producers who need to enrich their knowledge about wine chemistry; designers who want to read articles about the importance of a label style; and those who are interested in the effects of wine on health and diseases. In a very flexible format this blog will be permanently “under construction” to be able to respond to the needs of those who seek out wine information.


My name is Paula Silva, I am an assistant professor in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS) of University of Porto (UPorto) and I decided to have this blog to share my love by Science & Wine Find out more